Meet Andrew Jones

Just like you, St. Louis is Andrew Jones’ home. A proud resident for over thirty years, he’s chosen to raise his family here, serve his community here, and help lead local businesses here. Over the past three decades, he’s lived and worked alongside the people who make our city great, and seen the absolute best that our great city has to offer.

St. Louis has shown Andrew that it’s not just the world-class entertainment and attractions that make St. Louis great… It’s the kind spirit of its people that allows a big city to feel like a small town.

But the city we love is grappling with some big problems. Spikes in violent crime threaten our public safety. Stagnant economic development leaves local businesses out to dry. And in the midst of a global pandemic that intensifies all of our city’s problems, we need new leadership more than ever.

Andrew Jones’ three decades in St. Louis have prepared him to lead its comeback.

Andrew was born in Cairo, Illinois, and raised in East St. Louis, a mere seven miles from his current home in the Botanical Heights neighborhood.

Having spent time around the local firms that grew St. Louis, Andrew became fascinated with the business world at a young age. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a minor in Business Administration from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. He also holds two advanced degrees from St. Louis Universities, with an MA in International Business from Webster University and an MBA from Washington University’s Olin School of Business.

Jones rose through the ranks at power and energy company Ameren, and then moved to his current position as the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Southwest Electric. He currently lives in the Botanical Heights neighborhood.